A. Nature and Mankind’s Harm to Nature and the Planet

1. Exposed Permafrost Layer
2. Melting Ice Caps
3. Species Extinction
4. Threatened Wilderness
5. Climate Change – Global Warming
6. Pollution in Waterways
7. Animal Cruelty, Factory Farming
8. Deforestation
9. Ozone Layer Depletion
10. Air Pollution
11. Toxic Waste
12. Ocean Dead Zones
13. Marine Debris – Plastics in Sea and River Water and Plastic Islands
14. Greenhouse Gases
15. Desertification
16. Land Degradation
17. Acidification of Coral Reefs
18. Groundwater Pollution
19. Run off waste from farms into waterways
20. Commercial Farming, insecticides, pesticides
21. Killing off Bees
22. Toxic Carcinogens everywhere
23. GMO Genetically Modified Crops – Interfering with the life cycle of Nature
24. Extreme Weather – Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Drought, Heat Waves
25. Melting Glaciers
26. Melting Icecaps
27. Collapsing Ecosystems
28. Satellites and Space Debris
29. Fishing Nets in Oceans (Ghost Nets)

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State of the Planet