Modern Technologies_

1. The dehumanization of human beings by the modern, automated world is escalating. The biggest problem with technology, which can eventually lead to the downfall of humanity, is people. It seems that our technology has surpassed our ethical capacity.

2. Since technology can give an individual a massive amount of power, and the ability to inflict catastrophic amounts of damage, the consequences for people’s actions are greater. In Shelley’s Frankenstein, Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark,” and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dr. Strangelove, we meet with scientists, astronauts, and military personnel who are negatively affected by the technologies they have created. In each of these stories a different type of technology is revealed: bio technology, chemical technology, computer technology, and weapons technology. Today our technology seems to have outstripped our means to control it in so many areas that one could just as easily imagine a genetic, medical, environmental, or technological apocalypse.

3. In essence, according to the IMF, technological innovation is what causes economic inequality among the human race. Yes, you read that right: technology – and not just the machinery, but people with tech skills – are to blame for the fact that some people are dirt poor and others disgustingly rich.

4. The authors admit that globalisation has also been a factor in the way the poor are now so much further behind the rich, but technology is the true villain.

5. “Increased financial globalisation – and foreign direct investment in particular – has also played a role in increasing inequality, but contrary to popular belief, increased trade globalisation is associated with a decline in inequality,” say the IMF writers.

6. “Technological advances have contributed the most to the recent rise in inequality.” This is held to be because higher tech “increases the premium on skills and substitutes for relatively low-skill inputs”.

7. In other words, overpaid IT people with their systems, networks etc are stealing bread from the mouths of poor but honest file clerks, printers, semaphore operators, call-centre people, recording execs and so on.

8. IT, powered machinery, cheap tools, new drugs – it’s all evil and divisive, promoting war, rebellion and strife. Big global business trading in old-fashioned stuff like commodities – you know, mining, agribusiness – these people are your friends.

9. Most of the mainstream financial press have chosen to ignore this dazzling suggestion from the world globalisation bureau that globalisation is great and if something has gone wrong it must be someone else’s fault.

10. Points to Ponder:

– Who taught man to destroy himself a million times over.
– Why is it that the humble fly and the mosquito have not been eradicated and people still die of Malaria. It is because research is not funded in this area but trillions of dollars go towards research in arms and newer ways of killing our fellowmen.
– Why is there no cure for the common cold or herpes or aids or cancer though we have technology that can guide a satellite millions of miles out into outer space.
– Who created the filth and garbage that reminds the world of the dark side of science
– Who is polluting the earth, its air, its rivers, its human beings with millions of chemicals
– Why and Who invented DDT, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, plastics and other unrequited stuff that we don’t really need.
– Why and who invented plastic explosives and what was the need for this.
– Why are thousands upon thousands of people dying of cancer
– Why are thousands upon thousands of people dying of heart related disease.
– Why were our ancestors simple and happy while modern generations are confused and searching with all their technology.
– When there were a few cars it was ok, now imagine 900,000,000 (900M) vehicles, ships, planes and engines burning out the precious oxygen and giving out smoke and pollution.
– We have drugs that preserve life but who gave man the science to destroy himself with drugs.

11. There are three main critiques of big tech. The first is that it is destroying the young. The second critique of the tech industry is that it is causing this addiction on purpose, to make money. The third critique is that Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are near monopolies that use their market power to invade the private lives of their users and impose unfair conditions on content creators and smaller competitors.

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