Corruption and Greed_

1. Public corruption and bribery: The acts often stem from a government official’s desire for money or power being so strong that it’s eventually overtaken by good old-fashioned greed. It comes in many forms, including: money laundering, extortion, embezzlement, kickbacks.

2. Money and greed are powerful forces that become corrupting influences on people and their environment.

3. As money is seen to equal power, the wealthy people therefore is seen to have more power, giving them more authority over the poor. This creates a separation in the different socio-economic classes, which ultimately creates inequality in a community. Because of this, greed comes into play, causing chaos as violence erupts in order for a person to obtain what they want. Corruption is seen as those who have higher authority are able to abuse their power and get away with it.

4. We are today so ensnared in the process of selling and buying things in the market place, that we cannot imagine human life being otherwise.

5. Because, consumption and consumerism dominate social discourse and political agendas of all parties, consumerism hogs the limelight at centre stage as the prime objective of life.

6. The stability of life is an illusion. No matter how rich you are, you can always imagine being infinitely richer. The greater your imagination exceeds your station, the more corrupt you are likely to get. While it is true that we can all admire power and money, we must also ensure to remain prone to admire ideals.

7. The government is constantly boasting that the economic pie is getting bigger — how can it be true that most of us are getting smaller pieces? The answer, of course, is that a few people are getting much, much bigger slices! Although wages have stagnated, corporate profits have doubled.

8. The living standards of workers have continued to decline contrary to classical economic theory. This is largely due to political intervention based on corrupt relations between corporate capital and the state.

9. Are today’s corporations the modern-day version of the ‘mafia’? It seems that shame has vanished from our ‘civilization’! How can it be that nobody can be held accountable? It seems that nobody is responsible for anything anymore!

10. Has institutional dishonesty become the norm? As producer and director Anthony Wall declared, ‘The behaviour of society as a whole and its institutions in particular, tend to reflect prevailing attitudes within its government.’

11. In today’s life, even market forces are frequently secondary to political factors, namely multiple forms of corruption in securing economic advantage.

12. Political corruption cannot take place without the knowledge of the state administrators. It transfers wealth from national-public use into private or corporate gain. It reduces the legitimacy and trust of the government in the eyes of its people, while it also widens and deepens internal class inequalities and undermines ‘good’ governance. Finally, it creates a ‘culture’ of corruption that siphons public resources from social services and productive investment to personal wealth.

13. The war against greed trumps all wars as it lies at the root of it all. During the Xmas celebrations, the archbishop of Canterbury had warned that human greed is threatening the environmental balance of the Earth. For the purported ‘Christian’ nation that we boast to be, the passion of greed reduces religious doctrine to just many dusty rules. Did you hear any whisper of condemnation by the local church hierarchy regarding the prevailing ‘law of the jungle’? Neither did I!

14. The African Union calculates that every year over US$148 Billion is stolen from the continent by its leaders. That works out to more than a quarter of the continent’s entire Gross Domestic Product lost to corruption every single year.

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